The Wisdom Of Experience

Experiences are of every kind, even the knowledge one gains from books is an experience. It is the experience of grasping knowledge and understanding the world that may not be in the direct reach of the child. 

Yet, there is another experience that defines Wisdom. It is the Wisdom of experiencing things in the first person and learning from this experience. 

A child may learn the knowledge the books provide them with, they may learn about the world out of their reach through the words and accounts of experiences shared by their parents and teachers. 

Yet, this child would not gain the Wisdom that is provided by the experience itself. 

By this, it is not meant for one to leave their child to explore without much guidance. It is about being there and opening the door to the unique experiences that the world offers. 

Some examples of them could be when the school organises field trips to museums, fire stations, factories, etc or a Joyful picnic to bring a little pause from the daily routine. 

With these experiences, the child will not only learn something new that will benefit them in the long run, but it also creates excitement and encouragement for the education they are provided within a classroom. 

There are stories concealed in every experience, they will brighten the day and make the mind less gloomy from the weariness of the daily routine of knowledge the books provide and instead add the extra flavour in life that will later constitute their delicacy called Wisdom. 

Experiences make up our life. Our life is what we experience. The experiences we have in our childhood, quite a lot of them make up the core memory that is imprinted in our minds for years to come.

Yes,  little Mina understands how a potter crafts the perfect pot as she reads about it, but there is Wisdom in getting her hands muddled with clay, eyes bright in enthusiasm as she crafts a crooked little pot under the compassionate guidance of her teacher. 

Studies have shown that children who had better audio-visual knowledge, tend to inculcate such knowledge faster than the knowledge that they learn by simple reading. Experiences where a child’s input matters, with their perspectives and actions, make up more than just the audio-visual experiences and are something that will make the child grasp concepts with more ease. 

Create an environment for the children where learning is not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Education should provide experiences that make the young life more Joyous and Aware.

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