Antaha's Transformative Weekend Retreats

Nurture Belonging, Inner Peace, and Well-being with a Senior Meditation Teacher and Get Personalized Support

An Approach for Young Adults

We live in unprecedented times, where loneliness and the craving for belonging are one of the most critical issues, especially among young adults. At Antaha, we recognize that loneliness is a profound experience that comes with emotional and physical consequences. Our transformative retreats offer a unique opportunity to nurture self-realization, foster belonging, and discover inner peace, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life.


A Personalized Journey to Well-being and Belonging

Our personalized retreats are more than just a weekend getaway – they're a journey to well-being and belonging, designed for your unique community.

Experience the Power of Personalization

At Antaha, we curate retreat experiences tailored to the unique essence of your community, honoring your culture, values, and individual stories to create a truly transformative and personalized journey for everyone.

Seamless Integration for Lasting Transformation

Our network of Compassionate Buddies, and experienced meditation teachers, provide personalized support throughout your retreat journey, ensuring you integrate learnings for lasting transformation.

Key Benefits of Antaha Retreats

What to Expect at Your Antaha Retreat?

Your transformative weekend retreat begins by easing into an environment designed to foster relaxation, introspection, and connection. You’ll immediately sense the vibrant energy and welcoming atmosphere. Our experienced meditation teachers, your “Compassionate Buddies,” will guide you through a carefully curated program that addresses your individual needs and aspirations.

Your Retreat Guide

Every Antaha retreat is led by Compassionate Buddies, experienced meditation teachers
with a deep understanding of both psychology and mindfulness.

Master's degrees in clinical or counseling psychology

Extensive training in various meditation techniques

Certification by a panel of senior psychologists at Antaha

A deep commitment to your well-being and personal growth

Trained in India retaining the authentic meditation approach

Planning Your Personalized Retreat is Effortless

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