Feeling Lonely? Get Compassionate Support on Our Hopeline

A dedicated support platform for senior citizens

You’re not Alone

Loneliness can be a heavy burden, especially as we age. But you don't have to carry it alone. At Antaha, we offer a safe space where you can share your feelings, thoughts, and experiences with a trained compassionate human. We understand the unique challenges seniors face and are here to offer support, understanding, and connection.

Why Antaha?

Confidentiality and Empathy

Our trained Compassionate Listeners are here to listen without judgment. We understand the feelings of isolation, grief, or anxiety that can accompany loneliness.

Support and Encouragement

We offer a supportive space to talk about whatever is on your mind. We can help you explore ways to cope with loneliness and find joy in your daily life.

Connection and Community

We can connect you with resources and communities where you can build relationships and find belonging.

Round the Clock Care

We understand Loneliness can hit us at certain hours of the day, keeping that in mind, our Hopeline is open all day long, even at late hours. Talk as long as you need to, when you need to.

More than Emotional Support

Get support in planning a vacation, grocery shopping or even reading a book. There is no limit to you what you can do with you Compassionate listener. Your wellbeing comes first at all times.

Key Benefits of Antaha Retreats

What to Expect at Your Antaha Retreat?

Your transformative weekend retreat begins by easing into an environment designed to foster relaxation, introspection, and connection. You’ll immediately sense the vibrant energy and welcoming atmosphere. Our experienced meditation teachers, your “Compassionate Buddies,” will guide you through a carefully curated program that addresses your individual needs and aspirations.

Our Compassionate Listeners

Trained in Empathetic Listening

Our compassionate listeners are carefully selected and trained at Antaha’s Center for Experiential Learning. We look for a compassionate heart before skills.

Experienced in Working with Seniors

Each of our compassionate listeners is trained to be sensitive in supporting senior citizens.

Committed to Your Well-being

Every compassionate listener is trained to be always committed to your wellbeing.

Confidential and Non-Judgmental

All our compassionate listeners undergo extensive learning program to offer a non-judgmental and confidential space at Hopeline.

How It Works

Call Our Helpline

Use Hopeline to chat or call us

Connect with a Listener

You'll be connected with a trained human who is ready to listen and offer support.

Schedule a Video Call

Connect with your listener for a video conversation, whether you’d like to share your creativity or just need to feel the connection.

Get Exclusive Support

Upgrade to the exclusive Compassionate Buddy service and get much more with a dedicated Compassionate Buddy who you can bond with, share stories, learn new skills or even a calm meditation sessions.

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