Seeding Awareness- Learning the fundamentals of awareness through a guided retreat

Our willingness to meditate, grow, and dig deeper into our inner selves has a common origin. It begins with awareness of our thoughts, feelings and conscious state of being. The goal is to be aware and be the information in our consciousness.

Consciousness is different from awareness. Theories suggest consciousness and understanding aren’t the same. Consciousness is seen as a two-part, physical, and interconnected way of thinking. It involves the split between the subject (us) and the object (the world). 

Awareness is considered a unified and boundless experience. It’s a constant, refreshing sense of self that can be aware of itself, the subject-object separation, and all our thoughts. This unbounded awareness is our natural state, but most of us miss it due to constant thinking and mental distractions.

Consciousness is like your basic senses picking up information from the world around you and your brain making sense of it. It’s like having your eyes open and seeing things. Conscious Awareness is a more profound level where you realise you have those experiences. It’s like realising you’re seeing what your eyes pick up on.

Imagine consciousness as the act of seeing and conscious awareness as realising you’re the one with the seeing ability. You can see without realising you’re seeing (consciousness), but you can’t know you’re seeing without seeing something first (conscious awareness).

Meditation can help us rediscover this natural state. By quieting our minds, learning to meditate, and letting go of worries, we can return to this peaceful, silent, content, energetic, and ever-present state of being. This is where we feel effortlessly alive, accessible, and comfortable. This is the core of meditation, leading to a happy, peaceful, and meaningful life.

Awareness has three levels, namely:

  1. Minimal consciousness is like being in a deep sleep. You’re barely aware of your surroundings or yourself.

  2. Perceptual consciousness is like a busy bee. Your brain is buzzing with activity, taking in information from your senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) and figuring out what it means. It’s the automatic processing that keeps you functioning in the world.

  3. Introspective consciousness is like a curious mind reflecting on its experiences. Here, you take the information your brain has processed and analyse it. You think about what it means, how it makes you feel, and how it connects to your bigger picture. This is where you form your thoughts and emotions about the world around you.

At Antaha’s retreats, experienced and nurtured mentors help you reach and get accustomed to this state of awareness awareness. Our retreats are invented to help individuals meet like-minded people, explore their self-awareness journey, and learn guided meditation by experiencing and living it. Engage in conversations and learn from your compassionate buddy; that is at the heart of our approach.

Everything starts with awareness. Awareness is the foundation of all our experiences created in the mind. We discuss how awareness is a vital attribute of the mind and how it evolves into conscious awareness and, eventually, individual consciousness.

We focus on understanding awareness—what it is, how it functions, and how the mind works. This happens conversationally and experientially. We don’t just talk about ideas or transfer knowledge; we also share the wisdom from personal meditation experiences.

The retreat is full of positive energy and active participation. It’s personalised and engaging. We cover the basics and theory, and then your retreat guide helps deepen your experience by clarifying fundamentals, answering questions, and guiding you through practical awareness exercises.

Learning about awareness and the mind in a community-based setting is critical. Everyone comes together under one roof to talk, experience, ask questions, and overcome challenges. This helps weave understanding and wisdom into everyday life.

Join our retreats today to experience this one-of-a-kind experience. Remember, retreats are not a one-time event. A two-day retreat is just the beginning—a seeding exercise that gives you the fundamentals and starts your journey. The relationship doesn’t end with the retreat; it’s just the start. You’ll always have support from your compassionate buddy to help you continue your practice and gain clarity on essential topics.

So that’s the point: join us, learn, experience, and grow together!