Life Skills Education: The Need For Present and The Future

United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF believe that the inculcation of comprehensive Life Skills in the academic curriculum of students aged between 10 years to 19 years will decrease the gaps in financial and social inequalities of generations. 

Education should not be singular dimensional, but it should encompass every realm of a child where they are learning and growing. Thus, it is of utmost importance to bring Life Skills as education in academic growth. 

Life skills, by definition, mean the skills that are embedded in the practical environment, that encourage well-adjusted decision making and taking Aware actions. Life skills promise a productive and healthy life.

 With life skills, there will be more Awareness for every child to make their own informed decisions and be the cognizant adults of tomorrow who bring change where it is needed. 

Life skills are the foundational knowledge that constitutes the literacy and other literary knowledge that a child learns. 

UNICEF has described Life Skills as ” a cross-cutting, interconnected and overlapping application of knowledge, values, attitudes and skills which are integral to quality education and are universally applicable and contextual.” 

Education with Life Skills is the holistic approach that today’s system of learning needs. Emotional well-being is also encouraged by good life skills inculcation in the students. 

It is of much significance for a child to possess abilities that enhance their knowledge in a way that transforms their experiences into the wisdom that advances their life in the direction of emotional well-being and eventually progresses society in the direction of Joy and greater development. 

Equality is a value that has to be maintained in the realm of education as in any other realm of life. 

Children come from different cultural and social backgrounds, and holistic education with life skills will break the barriers of inequalities left by the generations. 

Mindfulness in this education opens the door to holistic education and the emotional well-being of every child even wider. 

Education should not be creating just literate adults who find it harder to deal with the things and decisions in the real world.

 Education is the inculcation of Mindfulness and life skills which makes every individual Aware of not just themselves but gives them the power and discretion to make their own decision. Mindful decisions would be the decisions where every adult and child makes Aware perception with the compassionate consideration given to every relationship and the environment one resides in. 

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