Conserving Nature: Are You Doing Your Part?

Water scarcity is posing as an issue we humans are not yet technologically equipped to deal with in the long run. Rajendra Singh, an Indian environmentalist, said that if there was a third World War to take place, it would be for water. 

The climate we are facing today has changed drastically and it isn’t for the good. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  has stated that the climate in this last decade is the hottest it has been in 125,000 years. This is an alarming rate, especially considering that the IPCC also stated with confident confirmation that we- humans have a huge role in this climate alteration. 

If you reside in a bustling city and you can open your window to see a beautiful belt of greenery and breathe air that makes you feel refreshed, then you are one of the few privileged people who get to experience this. 

The cities today are more about the polluted heavy air, about opening your windows to the view of more buildings and cramped spaces wherever we go. 

The generations before us have left the earth in a condition that seems to keep deteriorating, they weren’t around to witness the repercussions their self-centred actions left behind. We are witnessing it and still not many of us are doing much about it, leaving the increasing burden for the generations of the future to carry. 

It begs the question, would we leave our house in the worst condition than in the state it was when we were born? 

The sheer ignorance causes more issues not just for the environment we reside in but also in our lives. The poor climate and the polluted environment have also affected our Emotional Well-being. 

Several studies have shown that people with mental disorders are affected by climate change. People’s lives are harmfully impacted by the natural disasters that have only increased and become more abrupt with time. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also mentioned the effect of climate change in the light of Mental Well-being. 

We do not have much power over the consequences, but the power we possess over the possibilities is immense. 

The children today are born with the pollution the earlier generations have left behind, we as a guiding force that can bring change into their lives. 

The education that the children are provided today needs Awareness about our environment and what can be done to conserve and protect it from further harm. 

The district of Tiruvallur of Chennai has initiated an environmental programme named ‘My Earth – My Tree’ where each student of classes fifth, sixth and seventh is provided with a sapling that they have to take care of for at least a year, asked to show these saplings their love and care. 

Such initiatives are a great way to inculcate Mindfulness into the young minds about their environment, thrumming their hearts with invigorating curiosity about nature and what more can they offer back to nature that provides. 

Nature, when protected, will ensure the protection of one’s Mental Well-being and Joy. Spread Awareness about this climate change, what we can offer and how we can grow a Joyous world for all.