The Aid of Mindfulness in an Educator’s Life

Mindfulness in the life of an educator goes a longer way than one would expect. 

A teacher’s life is filled with schedules and class that leaves an ironically yet unsurprisingly chaotic mess by the end of the day. You have to prepare lesson plans, teach students, try to maintain decorum and enthusiasm at the same time while also dealing with the mundane routine limited to your classrooms. 

It isn’t easy to do what an educator does, to sit through and bear the mundane repetition of the same lessons and still maintain the interests of the students yet they somehow achieve this miraculous task with wise grace. 

But, like every human, an educator needs to find a break too. If they are not mentally healthy to go on with the day with the thrill and colours to fill every being, it makes their job difficult.

A difficult job will in turn lead to a difficult situation that an educator would not want to be in. The stress related issues in teachers have been on the rise, a study done by UNESCO titled ‘State of the Education Report for India-2021′ showed that the majority of teachers have been overburdened and have more work and students than they are supposed to have. A single teacher classroom is a very prevalent phenomenon in our country. 

This kind of situation creates a stressful environment for the educators. They are left with lesser resources and more work to go through. 

Therefore, in such a situation of hardship what is of great relevance is finding the mental peace, the calming of mind in a way that benefits the teachers to get through their day. A calm mind creates a Joyful classroom. 

Achieving a calm state of mind should be made a priority to survive in today’s fast paced, productivity craving world. 

This calming of mind can be done so by the lifestyle of Mindfulness. Mindfulness requires one’s focus and awareness, diverting it from the chaos of the routine to the intricacies of your being. 

It is finding home inside that gives you the strength to be a home to the ones in need. Guided meditation is a way among many where the practice of Mindfulness can be achieved. 

For Compassion to be a part of every classroom with serenity at every corner, it is important to practice Mindfulness, not just for the students but for the teachers as well. To create an environment that is Aware and knows the importance of change can lead to better ways of stress management.

Mindfulness of the thoughts, words and deeds leads to a better control over one’s life and environment. Therefore, it is important for our schools to inculcate Mindfulness in the curriculum of students as well as the teachers. 

Our schools need to take into account the aspect of their educator’s Mental Wellbeing if they want to consider better stress management and a brighter future to offer to the students. 

There are innumerable benefits of practicing Mindfulness and when an educator lives in this Aware state of mind,  they will hold the discretion to correct the wrongs, to encourage enthusiasm and creativity, to uplift  the young minds towards a life that is worth living. 


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