In The Age Of Stress

There was once an age when youth and childhood were associated with frivolities, sentimentalism, and affection. In today’s ever changing society, the thought of associating a  carefree attitude to our young ones will make us worry, wonder if the new generation is headed in the right direction and whether we are able to prepare them for a responsible future. 

It is justified to think so in such a dynamic and continuously transforming world yet the consequences of such worries have done a further way to harm not only us but our children as well.

The consequences can go as severe as the ever increasing suicide rate in our country, a survey conducted by Times Of India (TOI) reported that in the year 2019, 10,335 students commited suicide which is the highest record in the past twenty five years. 

This begs us to think, to do something different that can stop our children to ever be in a situation which can give rise to such suicide ideation. 

For doing so, first it is important to acknowledge the presence of stress, it is even more essential to recognise if the stress is empowering our children to work better or is it overbearing and tough to deal with.  

Here, Mindfulness in our thoughts plays a crucial role. When we are Aware of the way we treat our children, we are also Aware of the things we can do differently that benefit the younger ones’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

Schools should inculcate the practice of Mindfulness and meditation into the curriculum as a mandatory lesson from the primary stage itself. Students should be made aware of the opportunities they have, they should feel safe in their spaces to communicate. 

Communication, as well, should be more reflective. Lately, the pattern of the communication between the educators and the students is beginning to be limited to the academia itself. The educators are too stressed with their assigned duties and so are the kids yet it is important to acknowledge this stress and work for the betterment of this lack of communication. 

It is our responsibility to make a space where our children are able to communicate, a space where they can simply talk about their day, what makes them Joyful or what worries them. Having that safety net for our kids to fall back to, helps them grow into well adjusted adults tomorrow.

We need simple communication to be a part of our schools. In the strive for perfection and professionalism, let us not overlook the basic things that make us human and let us not take away this from our children. We have to enrich their souls with Joy and Compassion. 

In the pressurized world, let us take some time out and celebrate ours and theirs simple existence. It is our responsibility to make sure that our children’s souls shine brighter under the sun and not be blurred by the hasty world. 

Let the youth find their purpose at their own pace, speak their mind and let this life of ours and theirs be frivolous, sentimental and affectionate. 


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