Connecting With The Souls From The Mountains

The session took place in the embrace of the Dhauladhar mountain range or the White Range. It was an unparalleled experience that brought Awareness and Compassion to every mind that was a part of the sessions. 

The session was conducted to bring Awareness to the aspect of fear of judgement that is often harboured at an early age and bring help to the children in curbing such fear. At Mindful Souls, our vision has always been about diving deep to reach the root cause of issues that cause emotional distress like the fear of judgement, by doing so we can research and provide ways that help deter such fears.

The duration of the session consisted of two days where our team built a Compassionate relationship with the children, to understand their fears and create a welcoming environment for them. With openness, we inspired them to share their challenges and the common fear that was faced by them was the fear of judgement from others- from the adults around them as well as their peers. The children showed embarrassment and fear to raise even the most trivial of questions. 

Over the course of three weeks, we assisted children from rural backgrounds in becoming more confident and open in their discussions. The lesson they had to understand and imbibe from these sessions was that the fear of judgement is formed not in the external world around us, but within us.

Our sessions did create an impact on the young minds as they showed more confidence by the end of it than they had in the beginning. It created a fun atmosphere where we gained meaningful insights into their thoughts, struggles and the causes behind the children’s fears.

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