A Successful Journey

To achieve anything in life, from getting that perfect A on a test to being good at a skill like singing, requires a lot of dedication to be good at something. 

Like a singer who reached the peak of a singer who sings soulful tunes, everyone watches with awe at them for getting there, they do not realise the determination and sacrifices the singer had to endure to reach the peak.  In the same way, if a person sees another one be successful at a skill, they may feel envious of their success, not realizing the hard work that goes into achieving this success. 

Every person born must deal with some level of anxiety and stress, though the intensity of such emotions varies from person to person. We are all Aware that achieving any level of success in this world necessitates consistent practice and dedication to instil it.

On the journey of a long-lasting success, it is inevitable to reach roadblocks, breakdowns and other negative emotions that have the power to hinder every progress of an individual if they do not possess a strong will and the resilience to face every hurdle. 

It is easier to be envious of other people’s success than to be inspired by their struggles and resilience, learn from their wisdom and make your way ahead. 

To achieve something, will always be an uphill battle, there will be a lot of people who will not have faith in your dreams and a lot more elements that will try to dissuade and discourage you to work for something you believe in. In such moments, nothing is of more importance than having faith in your capabilities. 

Yet, despite how much faith you have, it alone does not conquer all the roadblocks that may come your way, sometimes it is the autonomy we must have over our minds that can make a significant difference. What is important is having good emotional regulation, resilience and discipline. 

You will not always be in a situation where you can find encouragement to move forward, in those times nothing is of more importance than inculcating the values of discipline that governs one’s consistency. 

Motivation is the cherry on top but it is the ingredients of consistency and discipline that prepare the cake of success.

Inculcating such discipline comes with a healthy Emotional Well-being along with Awareness of one’s thoughts and behaviour. It becomes easier for a person to live a life of consistency and discipline if it is taught young in childhood.

Even more important in such strife for achievements is the acceptance of failures as a part of this journey, success is not instantaneous and one should head-on with the mindset to face failures with indifference. 

It is about utilising Mindfulness to one’s self before striving for success, when you will find personal success from within, you will not be dependent on others for your success. Your success does not always have to be visible or grand, your long-lasting success begins with smaller success in the journey towards your dreams. 

Going on takes courage, and giving up on something you no longer believe in is courageous as well. It all comes down to believing in your ideology, accepting constructive criticism to improve yourself, and remaining consistent with whatever you decide to pour your heart into. 

Success is a relative term because it varies from person to person for what they consider to be their success, so comparing yours to anyone will do you more harm than good. In this strife for achievement, never forget to take breaks. Pausing helps one prevent breakdowns and burnout one may feel along the way, helping one to rest and gain more Awareness of the way ahead. 

Success can be achieved by the ones who are Mindful, not only about their journey but also about themselves.

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