Compassionate Teachers Create Compassionate Students

A Dose of Compassion

Do you remember a time when all the other kids in school were playing while you stood out, looking at all of them, wishing you were a part of the game? Did you ever feel like no one stood up for you when you needed it the most? Have there been times when your world was crashing down, but you felt like no one cared?

You probably don’t remember the exact incident, but the feeling of being left out, loneliness, and and longing, wash over with a pang of pain. This is the power that a single action can have… now imagine, if you stood looking at other children and a teacher walked up to you to talk to you and  asked the others to let you play too…  Imagine if just one teacher stood up for you when you needed it the most… Imagine if a teacher asked you how you are feeling and didn’t just begin the day with a roll call… Wouldn’t the whole plot have changed? While these incidents may be one off, they play a role in shaping us… and this is where compassion steps in.. 

And in this world, where we live, surrounded by the hustle bustle of unending demands, time for being compassionate is limited. While we run around making money, which is definitely an important part of the puzzle, our children need more than just that to thrive. In fact, even as adults, sometimes, all we need is a little compassion. What is the role of a teacher in the midst of all this? Well, honestly, it all begins right there…

Compassionate teachers teach compassion

Does teaching compassion begin with a conversation? A lecture perhaps? Not really, compassion begins with seeing compassion. This “education from observation,” begins at a young age. And this is where compassionate teachers step in…

Our children spend a huge part of their day interacting with teachers and treat them as role models. These teachers have a huge impact on the psyche of children. A compassionate teacher sets an example early on for children by exemplifying the impact that compassion can have. 

Compassionate teachers make everything better

Some days children, just like adults, don’t wake up right. And the next moment, they are sitting in front of a teacher who is rattling off numbers and letters. Now rewind a bit, if the teacher took out a few minutes to ask a child how he or she is feeling, to tell them that everything is okay, that things will get better, and just that they matter… Just these words of comfort and the few seconds that they need, can make a huge difference. And this is something that only a compassionate teacher can do…

They motivate children to thrive

Compassionate teachers create an environment that is safe and happy. And this is not just a pre requisite for learning, but a necessity. If a children believe that they are secure and loved, they can achieve more than what we can imagine. An emotionally stable environment, where children come first, and education follows, ensures that these children are not just doing a task but are driven to give their best. 

The world doesn’t just need teachers at the moment, it needs compassionate teachers… it is time for all of us to look within and find the compassionate teacher and be a compassionate teacher!


Author: Latika Sakhuja & Sitender Sehrawat