Children As Decision Makers

The Little Decision Makers

As parents we believe that we are equipped to make the best decisions for our children. With our awareness of what is happening in the world and the ability to logically distinguish between right and wrong, the valid and not valid, and the safe and unsafe, we definitely have better tools than the little ones. Interestingly, these little ones “stay little” for us for a long time. And in most cases, even as we become adults, we have someone else who would be happy to take decisions for us. However, equipping each individual to be able to take their own decisions is important and this is not something that can be taught instantly. Decision making skills have to be nurtured and pruned, and the sooner we give children the responsibility to make decisions, the better it is. First of all, let us look at the advantages of teaching children to make decisions on their own:


Efficient problem solvers

Children who have the ability to take decisions learn to manage and solve problems effectively. They are more efficient in general and learn conflict resolution at an early stage. As most conflicts begin within us, the ability to rationalize and take a decision assists them in the long term.

Independent thinkers

Children who are allowed to make decisions on their own learn to think about their actions and the impact that these have. This helps them to develop a thorough process that is independent of outside influence. To begin with this ability may be limited, however, if directed the right way, this can assist them in being able to logically and independently think things through. This is an essential skill, not just on a personal level, but also on the professional front.

They understand themselves 

If children are allowed to make decisions themselves, they develop a better understanding of themselves, which includes knowing their strengths and weaknesses. This is not just a prerequisite for a happy and content life but also goes a long way in helping children to be able to take decisions that will be aligned to what works best for them. 

Being responsible for themselves

Children who have the ability to make decisions themselves learn to take the responsibility for their own decisions. Therefore, these children grow into responsible adults who know that every decision that they take has to be taken with care. They realize that they are the only ones who can define their life path and they are willing to take the responsibility of it. 


Author: Latika Sakhuja & Sitender Sehrawat 

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