What Makes Life “The Good Life”?

Anshu Yadav talks about the meaning, purpose and attainment of “The Good Life”

What is the biggest gift you can give to yourself? Undoubtedly the answer is “A Good Life.” The next question that comes up is What exactly makes a life, a Good Life? What makes life Well-lived? It is where you wake up every morning with a sense of purpose and go to bed every night with a sense of having greater meaning in your life, where your physical and mental health is intact, and where you have contributed in some manner to someone’s life, which brings you joy. We at Mindful Souls focus on teaching the child to lead a more Mindful life. We make sure that the child’s Emotional wellbeing is taken care of. It is imperative that we nurture and mold the child into having a good character. We make sure that the child finds meaning in his or her life. All of this adds up to a Good life for a child, a life that you can gift to your child. A happy life is one that is not primarily consumed by capitalist culture, where people are more concerned with personal gain than a caring community.

A Good Life should be the one in which one contributes rather than being entirely self-centered. That gives value to the world and helps to make it a better place. The good life does not mean chasing luxury, fame, or pleasure; rather, it involves understanding the world you live in, conquering yourself, and contributing to the well-being of your community.

An unexamined life is not worth living
– Socrates

Long-lasting Social Relationships

Humans are social creatures. A nearly 80-year-old Harvard research has proven that embracing community helps us live longer and happier lives. According to this study, close relationships, rather than money or fame, are what make individuals happy throughout their lives. Imagine you’re living your life, but there’s no one there to enjoy it with. The notion of having a happy life also includes the aspect of relationships. It would not completely contribute to your happiness and contentment if you did not have it. Fostering relationships right from an early age in children is one of the most important gift that you can gift your child because relationships define most of our life’s qualities. Living the good life requires spending a good chunk of time with those you care about and like spending time with. Growing, developing, and getting stronger together, rather than alone, is what the good life is all about.

Good Physical and Mental Health

A research by the University of British Columbia found that higher life satisfaction is associated with better physical, psychological and behavioral health. It takes effort to achieve and maintain physical health, and the same is true for mental health. Because there are so many ways that life takes a toll on our emotional well-being, we have to work harder on some bad days to maintain good mental health. Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health. We cherish our lives, our surroundings, and the people in them when we are mentally and physically sound. People who are in good physical and mental health are more likely to have a zest for life and are also content with what they have.

Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life

Discovering your true meaning and purpose of existence, and having the courage to act on it, is the key to living the good life. A sense of fulfillment, success and real happiness may be added to your life by pursuing what you’re passionate about. Exploring what brings you joy and satisfaction is essential to building up a happy life. It’s about finding meaning and purpose in your life and getting joy from what you do. Giving back to the community provides people with a feeling of purpose. There is a famous proverb that ‘Knowledge is Power’ but it is much more powerful when it is shared with others. There is no greater joy than sharing your knowledge with underprivileged children and making a difference in their lives. Giving back and contributing to making the world a better place to live in provides an incredible sense of joy. Serving others gives you unique strong sense of purpose, which often reflects in other aspects of your life.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give
– Winston Churchill

Leaving a Legacy Behind

The names we remember, the ones who have left a legacy of good deeds, names like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi, are the names of those who made the world a better place and made an impact on the community. It means putting a stamp on the future and making a contribution to future generations. This is similar to what we are doing at Mindful Souls, we are setting up a legacy that will never end. We have rolled up our sleeves to fix something that was needed to be fixed years ago. Our mission is to “Nurture Emotional well-being, Compassionate Character & wisdom instead of only accumulating knowledge which lays the foundation for a great life for them & builds a compassionate community.”

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