Raising an emotionally healthy child

Encouraging the development of mental strength can go a long way in raising children who are equipped to deal with all that life sends their way. These simple strategies can assist parents in raising mentally resilient children.

In the current scenario, we are surrounded by uncertainty. None of us know what may come up next. In this situation, a strong realization that we have all had is that while physical health can be managed, mental strength is what is required to face the situation and come out on top. As adults, a lot of us are struggling to find the right balance in life, to ensure positivity, and to just take things as they are. This has elevated the need to develop mental strength and the best time to inculcate mental strength is during childhood. However, at this time it is extremely important to help children develop mental strength. Before we identify strategies to do so, what exactly is mental strength. Mental strength in simple terms is defined as the ability to deal with challenges in the best possible manner and to overcome problems without breaking them down. It requires that a person should focus on how they react to a situation, how they feel, and finally, how they act. Some simple tips that can help children develop mental strength are as follows:

Own your emotions   

Teaching children that their emotions are their own is important for developing mental strength. A child needs to be taught that they cannot control the actions of others, however, they can control how they feel about them. This includes naming or understanding the emotion and then addressing how to deal with it. For example, a child may feel jealous, in this situation, it is important for him or her to realize that they need to give their best to the task that they are performing and they should accept that everyone is not the same. 

Encourage them to make mistakes

As parents we are possessive about our children, if we have it our way, we would bubble wrap them to protect them from any hardships. However, this has a negative impact on mental strength. Children need to make mistakes, understand how they feel about them, and learn to own them. Furthermore, they need to reassess how to address the situation to avoid making the mistake again. As parents, we need to set an example where making mistakes is considered normal and so is bouncing back. This sets a path where children understand that it is okay to make mistakes and it is important to try again.  

Adapt to change

Mentally strong children should be able to accept changes and also adapt to them. As parents, talking to our children about the changes that they need to deal with, accepting their emotions and defining them, and teaching them strategies to address this change can help in developing mental strength. Children by nature are resilient and bounce back easily, however, this behavior needs to be appreciated and encouraged.

 Raising mentally strong children is largely about regulating how they react to a situation. While this may sound like a challenge, these strategies can go a long way in simplifying the process. And these will not only help the child but as adults, us too!

Share the strategies that you use to build mental strength. 


Author: Latika Sakhuja

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