Our Contribution To Our Society

As a human, it is our right to be nurtured by the resources endowed upon us by nature and the world around us. 

We may not always have the best of experiences and life may sometimes make you believe that the world can be a cruel place. Yet, there are times in life when you could spend a peaceful and Mindful evening with nature, realising how blessed we are to be born in this world. 

To be able to feel the brush of grass under your feet, the breeze dancing in your hair and the warmth of sunlight on your skin is a blessing of a lifetime. 

We grew up in this world, learned to love, laugh and eventually, live. But to live a life with only yourself at the centre is not the life that speaks of meaning and compassion. 

It is of utmost importance to live a life that you want to, to live for yourself and achieve your dreams, utilising the resources around us to the best of our abilities. Yet, giving back to the world we are brought up in is an essential part of what adds meaning to life. 

We hold responsibilities, be it the responsibility towards ourselves, our family or our friends. The world at large has provided us with immense opportunities and yet when it comes to giving back and contributing to this world and society, many find themselves holding back instead.  

Look at the world around and you will realize how much our society and nature are suffering at large. 

Air pollution, consisting of pollutants that are indoor as well as outdoor, is a risk factor for many of the leading causes of death including heart disease, stroke, lower respiratory infections, lung cancer and diabetes. Globally, air pollution contributed to 11.65% of deaths in the last year. 

Social alienation and isolation have left more and more people feeling hopeless and lonely, it is often said that loneliness is as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes per day, adding to it another 25 cigarettes per day caused by the polluted air we breathe in. There is also an increase in old-age homes around the world, very evident in this isolation and hopelessness. 

Not to forget, such issues give rise to mental disorders such as anxiety disorder and depression and may even aggravate substance abuse in the youth. 

“As long as it is not affecting us, we can live as we want.” Is this the kind of living we want to lead for ourselves? For our children to lead their life like this? 

No. We want to live a life that adds meaning, the same goes for raising children that have the Compassion and sensibility to take the lead for the sake of themselves as well as others. 

These issues, even if not visible at present, will continue to harm you and those around you. Therefore, live a life where you can do your part in contributing good back to society. 

Volunteer at your local shelter home for animals and nurture plants, they can also help alleviate your stress and make you feel good about yourself. Offer a helping hand to anyone who ever gained the courage to reach out, sometimes your silent support can be all the Compassion and love one needs. 

Philanthropy is good for your heart, it also helps you understand yourself better, gives a profound weight to your character and adds meaning to the world at large.

Do something that adds value to your life and the world around you, a value that cannot be measured but is significant nevertheless.

 Like a drop that will eventually contribute to an ocean, your contribution, no matter how big or small, will create a deeper ocean of love that is nurtured and flows a long way.