Fly Their Dreams – Monday 28th June

Mindful Teachers Program is based on extensive research focused on inculcating mindfulness, compassion and wellbeing among teachers. This program is intended to assist teachers to inculcate the same virtues in their classrooms, by setting an example that children would be happy to follow. Furthermore, this program is based on the understanding that the classroom can be offer a safe and inclusive environment only if the well being of teachers is placed at the forefront. Teachers have a strong impact on the emotional wellbeing and character development of students and therefore their teaching style must integrate these virtues so that the child can adapt to them and adopt them easily. 

Mindful Teachers Program Highlights

-Learning to recognise your emotions and identify their true nature

-Practicing awareness to ensure that we live in the present moment

-Learn to focus on meaning of educating with an objective to cultivate wisdom than just knowledge

-Understanding the emotions of the child

-Dealing with stress mindfully and creating a stress free environment in class

Download the full curriculum pdf here.. (Link to the pdf)


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