Enhancing creativity in your child

The world is evolving and so is mankind. No matter where we look, there are creative ideas that are flourishing. From times when all we had were doctors and engineers to professions that a lot of us haven’t even heard of, the professional environment has truly evolved. In this environment, raising children who can think out of the box and have the ability to pursue their passion is of paramount importance. Therefore, encouraging creativity to aid a child’s ability to be able to identify his or her passion is imperative. And while this may sound like a tough proposition considering the line that we were all taught to follow when we were children, the fact is that a few simple tweaks in how we deal with creativity and our point of view can make a huge difference. 

How children perceive themselves

Creativity flourishes with confidence. A child who believes in his or her own abilities is always more willing to explore and experiment. How children perceive themselves is dependent on their interactions with the people around them. Positive reinforcement of their ideas and work can assist in building their confidence. Ans this would nurture their creativity and the ability to think beyond. 

Teach children to be problem solvers

It is easy to identify problems and crib about them, but it is more important to learn how to solve these problems. Teaching children to identify problems and assisting them in defining strategies that can solve these problems can make them understand that anything can be addressed if we take a creative approach. This will not only enhance creativity but will also teach them to face the world head-on and deal with whatever life throws at them. 

Have open-ended conversations

Creativity stems from ideating and these come from open-ended conversations, conversations that can be mulled over, and those that do not have any finality. These leave room for creativity and lead to inquisitive behavior that encourages children to search for answers within themselves and from the outside world.

Encouraging children to be creative can teach them the basic life skill to persevere and look beyond the big picture. Not only does this lay the foundation for a life where answers are sought and found, but also for a life where nothing is considered unachievable, including happiness and satisfaction. 

Authors: Latika Sakhuja, Sitender Sehrawat