Seeding Awareness- Learning the fundamentals of awareness through a guided retreat

Our willingness to meditate, grow, and dig deeper into our inner selves has a common origin. It begins with awareness of our thoughts, feelings and conscious state of being. The goal is to be aware and be the information in our consciousness. Consciousness is different from awareness. Theories suggest consciousness and understanding aren’t the same. […]

Bringing Calm on Campus: Powerful Weekend Retreat

Retreat- the act of withdrawing-literally refers to pulling away from enemy forces in a situation of defeat. But for ordinary people with more serious inner battles to fight, it means something completely different. Being in a retreat can have positive impacts and help us.  We are all warriors, and all we do is win. We […]

Personalized weekend retreats can leave lasting impact- Here is how

After a long, tiring and hectic week, I, like most people around me, am looking forward to a single activity: unwinding. Unwinding my mind and soul to prepare for the upcoming week and month. But finding a place to unwind and relax can sometimes be a task.  The major problem I face is the schedule. […]

A Young Adults guide to finding calm- A Curated experience

Many young adults are grappling with loneliness and disconnection in today’s fast-paced world. A staggering 61% of them report experiencing these emotions regularly. This sense of isolation is more than just a fleeting feeling; it’s a widespread issue that can significantly affect mental health and well-being. Young adults in the U.S. report twice the rates […]