Breathe in. Breathe out.

This process is what we do irrespective of how Aware we are about it or not. Yet the Awareness that this simple breathing can provide one with is all that is needed for a Joyful life. 

There are moments in life that make one’s head throb and no one wants to be a part of such situations that just overpower the anxiety and threaten our Emotional Well-being. 

 Breaths, as much as we overlook it as just another necessary action for the healthy function of the body, is very necessary for maintaining a healthy mind as well. Our body needs oxygen for the bodily process of digestion to the cognitive process of the brain. Yet, this intake of oxygen through breaths is often overlooked and not many are Aware of how deep breathing can make a beneficial difference in one’s life. 

Deep breathing is a simple technique that can enhance the quality of life a person leads. In this technique, one has to take only a few minutes out of their busy schedules to focus their Awareness on themselves. 

Take a deep breath and pause for a few seconds before exhaling. While exhaling, one has to make sure that they exhale slowly with patience and have to imagine that all the stress that one may be feeling at that moment is gradually dissipating from the body and mind with this breath. Just the repetition of this exercise for fifteen minutes each day can make a whole lot of difference in one’s life. 

Eventually with every deep breath, one will start to feel lighter and their mind will feel at ease in their environment. Deep breaths also provide one with the clarity of mind that is often lost in the pandemonium that life may throw on someone. 

This deep breathing technique is one of the many Mindful techniques that can help one to gain composure in times of chaos and peace in times of hopelessness.  

Awareness of the self is oftentimes lost in the fast pace of the world. This Awareness can be gained through the practice of Mindful deep breathing. With every intake of a breath, it is about compelling your wandering thoughts to pause and your mind to be Aware of its existence. 

When one is Aware of their existence, it also opens the gateways for the things that should take priority for the healthy Emotional Well-being of this self. It is the upliftment that one’s identity needs to save themselves from years of Existential crisis that can doom people at any point in their lives. 

Awareness about our breaths plays an even more significant role in a person’s life if they are educated and taught in their growing, childhood years. 

Childhood holds the most influence on the kind of core personality and identity a person will come to associate them self with, therefore, teaching children meaningful Mindfulness like deep breathing can save them years of stress and breakdown and prepare them for a future which will hold more clarity, confidence and Joy.

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