Are You Obliviously Sharing Our Stress With Kids At Home?

Today we all are surrounded by uncertainty, a sort of insecurity thinking about what lies for us in the future. Covid outbreak has not just taken away health safety but has also questioned our day-to-day activity. During these difficult times, it is essential for all of us to remain insecure and positive surroundings. You would be wondering what positivity has to do with this? Let me explain to you how even a tiny bit of positivity can affect your everyday life in current stress but can also help elderly people and especially kids in your house.
We are not just facing the health threats this pandemic has brought to us. We are also dealing with many other repercussions. The point is are we unknowingly or knowingly making our kids a part of this stress.

Healthy Habits

It’s not possible to hide away the stress from kids at home during this pandemic. Knowingly or unknowingly the loss we are facing like maybe the loss of a loved one, job, pending bills, loan overdue, etc. It’s practically impossible to put up a happy face and help kids skip all this nervousness. Bringing healthy habits in life can change this not just for kids but for the parents as well. Practicing Mindfulness is not about hiding or lying about the present situations it is more about learning to accept and understand situations as they are.


Children have a delicate mind helping them practice Mindfulness can help channelize their energy into a positive direction. It helps overcome the anxiety that many children face due to stressful situations at home. It increases their capability to focus and learn more. Being able to accept and live in the present moment helps children to learn about empathy and focus on what is in front instead of stressing out about the past or future what we mostly do wrong.


Technology and lifestyles are changing drastically. This takes away our chance to sit, relax and breathe for a moment. Either we are indulging in the thoughts of the past or constantly planning for the future. We are totally forgetting to ‘live the moment’ and focus on the present. Kids have a receptive growing mind which can be altered in any environment we provide. Enabling kids to be more receptive to their present moment without making any judgments can lead to a healthier and brighter mindset.

It’s on us what we provide our kids, what we bring them up to be Mindfulness does not work in a blink it’s a practice that needs to be invigorated in kid habits and everyday routine. Communication is one of the keys that leads to healthy Mindfulness practice. During any activity, you do with your kids at home or sharing any news try to understand what they feel about it, how they perceive it, and help them take it positively and not overthink of future. If kids learn to live the present moment, they can be more focused, more empathetic, and much more receptive towards the most difficult situations life brings. Practice Mindfulness with your kids especially during this difficult time and provide your kid with a healthier lifestyle.


Author: Latika Sakhuja & Sitender Sehrawat