Are we looking after our teacher’s?

A plate more than full

There was a time when teaching was considered the easy-go-to profession, one where attaining home and work-life balance was possible. However, with time, the role of a teacher has evolved. They are now expected to multi-task and have to ensure that the expectations of different segments associated with the profession are met. This includes the school staff, the principal, coordinators, parents, government representatives, and most importantly the children. In the midst of all this, they have to also focus on the academic achievement and improvement of every student. All of this takes a toll on their emotional well-being. Their job extends beyond teaching in the classroom and even invades their homes as they struggle to deliver all that is expected. 

Focus on their wellbeing 

With the increased expectations from teachers, their stress level is extremely high. This has an impact on their overall well-being and may lead to not only psychological repercussions but also physical health-related issues. It is important for school administrators to understand that teachers are expected to juggle a lot of tasks. From giving their 100 percent in the classroom to stepping out and still fulfilling responsibilities, their work is unending. Teaching them to balance their work-life is important, at the same time stepping back to give them the time is equally essential. 

Introduce mindfulness

The need of the hour is to teach teachers how to incorporate mindfulness practices into their day. This would assist them to focus on the task at hand and will enhance effectiveness. Furthermore, it can help in ensuring a better quality of life which implies that they would be more energetic and will be able to give their best in every situation.

At the end of it all, happy teachers mean a happier classroom and a happier classroom implies that children will learn better and will enjoy what they do. Considering that this is the need of the hour and the whole purpose of education, it is important to focus on the well-being of teachers who have a plate that is more than full! 

 Author: Latika Sakhuja & Sitender Sehrawat

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